Escape from tarkov hunter suppressor

Escape from tarkov hunter suppressor

Common question i hear a lot is what mods work on what weapons. I will provide you guys with a link, the website is in Russian but if you hit translate y'll shall be fine. This was taken from the official tarkov forums.

Escape from Tarkov New Player PVP Getting Started Guide

The original creator is actually working on an app. At least that's what he said several patches ago Yea I came across while I was searching for useful information that we could share with the community. It should work as a basic guide while we wait for the update. While it can be useful if you're trying to figure out all of your options on a gun, the graphic has some errors in it. This may have been author making mistakes, or could be the result of patches changing things.

Still we should keep in mind there are a few issues. Those images were based on an old official forum post by a guy trying to make an app for the game. You are incorrect about the suppressor; it works on all variants of the AK74U. There's also a rail for the Grach pronounced with a soft 'ch'.

However if you've tested it yourself I'll take your word for it. As far as the PR rail, I know that it has been created, was in the game at some point, and accepted a reflex. Besides it having been in Alpha, the only other time I've seen the PR rail is in the GamesCom video previewing the content in the upcoming patch.

My point in replying to this post isn't to diminish the usefulness of this graphic nor to claim that my guide is betterbut simply to let people know that there are some inconsistencies between it and our current version of the game. By doing so I hope to head off any more confusion in a game that takes a lot of adjusting to with each new iteration. I never heard of the Grach rail though, that's interesting. Do you know if the Grach rail accepts the same optics as the PR rail?

I've never seen the Grach rail, just heard tell of it. I'd imagine it's a small picatinny like the 's. The rail was more common 4 patches ago but it is still in game; it's just an ultra rare now for some reason. As far the AK testing, it could have been a mistake by not removing the muzzle break. The old forum post is pretty much dead unless the guy's been working on the app without telling anyone.

escape from tarkov hunter suppressor

This guy seems to be taking the gauntlet back up, but it's not as pretty.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Install Steam. Insurgency Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with Insurgency. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Insurgency.

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escape from tarkov hunter suppressor

Description Discussions Comments. This item has been added to your Favorites. A collection of 81 items created by. T5 Elliot Wilde. Jack Hammer. Tyrannosaurus Wex. Col Caboose. Izzi Laef. Comrade Exo. This collection contains mods that leave your game similar to the famous game Escape From Tarkov.

I nstall and be happy! Items AK Rail Mount - Sandstorm. AKM - Sandstorm. Replaces the AKM. Alternate Galil sounds. Created by Ribs.

The firing sounds are failed samples of the Mk18, they sounded to punch-y for a carbine of its size, i decided to use them for the Galil cuz they somehow fits this gun better.When you place a pre-order you automatically agree to Rules of the Game. The additional fees are not included in the price. The final cost will be presented before the payment.

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escape from tarkov hunter suppressor

Prepare for Escape Edition. Edge of Darkness Limited Edition. Cookie Disclaimer.In the map of Escape from Tarkov, players will not only encounter AI attacks, but also other players, and PVP between players is also an important part of the game. At this time you have two choices: run away or fight.

The comrades who choose the former can basically not read the next content. The comrades who choose the latter, this strategy that is not a guide may help you a little. The Most Suitable Weapon Guide Regarding what a good weapon is, my personal standard is: spend the least escape from tarkov roubles in the simplest way and kill more people in the shortest time.

Such a weapon is a good weapon. According to this standard, Tarkov The superior weapon should be a grenade launcher at a military base. Unfortunately, this kind of weapon cannot be removed and taken away, so our weapon selection is only the most suitable, there is no best.

Here are some of the more popular weapons:. The long-range accuracy is average. SKS: A fairly modest weapon in the early days. It has combat power without modification.

PS BP ammunition is highly damaged, armor piercing is not high or low, can handle most battles, and can be equipped with large-capacity magazines. The same hand speed is the rate of fire.

VSS: Recently a very popular weapon, low back seat and high rate of fire with its own silence, both advantages and disadvantages are particularly prominent. There is no large-capacity magazine at high rates of fire. Stormy sword within 80 meters, useless stick 80 meters away. No one can beat at close range, no one can beat at long range. It is totally three feelings to change without change from half to full. Ammunition does not have too obvious faults.

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Most people may be most tangled in the choice of BT and BS. The performance is not outstanding in the middle, long and short distances, but there are no obvious shortcomings. The most commonly used weapon in this file. Since Nikita added a 1 in front of the price of M, its status has plummeted, and it has fallen like Miyazaki Inaka.

The more severe sense of fault between M and A1 is the main contradiction that some Mrs. Taco chooses to use this weapon. MP7: A few of the submachine guns are also available in the later period. The disadvantage is that it must be equipped with APSX. Add silencer as VSS. The choice of weapons and ammunition still has to be chosen according to different maps and their own homes. Still, there is no best, only the most suitable. Intelligence Preparation It is well known that Tarkov players will eventually become reckless or intelligent, but before a Tarkov player meets other players, you cannot judge whether he will become reckless or intelligent.

This is also a principle that Tarkov players cannot predict.

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According to the differences in personality, you will inevitably have two extremes of recklessness or wisdom. My judgment on this game is: Compared with marksmanship and reaction speed, this game tests more information acquisition and analysis capabilities. The same equipment and old players 1v1 have a five or five-win rate or even higher, but often these new players die before they find the enemy. The reason is not the equipment gap or the skill gap. Insufficient intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities due to lack of understanding of game mechanics and insufficient experience.

Here we can briefly discuss which things on the map will provide us with information:.Those with little experience using real firearms already have plenty of hurdles to overcome in Escape from Tarkov, with most guns boasting over ten different components, so struggling to choose between all the different ammo types being sold across the several vendors is understandable.

Here we break down the best Tarkov ammo to use for each type so you can head into each raid with confidence. In general all 9x18mm are useless against armour, but they have decent damage stats. Get Prapor up to level 3 in order to buy all of these. This round is pretty much only compatible with the TT pistol and boasts average stats across the board. We recommend taking the TT with GZH rounds as a high penetration backup should you run out of ammo for your primary.

Generally, they offer very low armour penetration but deal decent flesh damage per shot. The AP 6. Specifically manufactured for the pistol and P90 SMG, this round was built with penetration in mind. Slugs are solid lead projectiles that essentially convert your shotgun into a rifle. Hitting someone with one of these will punch through armour well and destroy any body part you hit. The AP20 slug has the best penetration power, to ensure you make it through the armour.

Buckshot is a spread of concentrated pellets that can still provide multiple hits at medium ranges, armour will defeat the pellets easily. The Magnum Buckshot rounds will deal good damage, and if two of the nine projectiles hit an unarmoured body part it will be immediately destroyed. It makes up for this with large damage.

Generally, these rounds offer great armour penetration and flesh damage, so you should be just fine aiming for the thorax. PS rounds offer slightly more damage against flesh without compromising too much in terms of amur penetration, so consider these a solid backup.

One of the biggest calibres accessible to new players, the 7. If you prefer to aim for the thorax and simply punch through any armour in your way then the best options is the M round, which still falls short of the average 7. The M is somewhere between the two — mediocre armour pen but plenty of flesh damage. These shred class 4 armour, but struggle against anything thicker.

And there you have it, all the best Escape from Tarkov ammo types for each weapon. Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Amazon Associates and other programs. Best PC hardware deals today. HyperX Cloud Alpha - simply the best gaming headset. AMD Ryzen 7 - 8 cores, 16 threads, bargain price. Best battle royale games. Promoted How Rainbow Six Siege breached the world of esports. Giveaway: five Steam codes for F1 up for grabs!

Who are the biggest female streamers?I forgot my password. Understanding the ballistic mechanics of the EfT is vital for in-game success. Three main ballistic aspects of the Escape from Tarkov are projectile behavior in the air, projectile behavior when it enters the body, and how projectile is affected by armor.

This means that the heavier and slower a bullet is, the larger its drop-off over distance will be that is why your VSS is not that accurate at longer ranges. The effect that a bullet has on the body is simulated at the point of impact. Please note that Damage Dealt is based on an Ammunition type, and not on a Weapon! Armor protects its wearer from taking damage when struck by certain bullet types, depending on its Armor Class. Every bullet type in the game has its Armor Penetration Value, the higher it is, the better the chance for a penetrating hit it has.

If a bullet penetrates the armor, it does its full damage to the body unlike in other games, when armor reduces damage taken by some set percentile. This is why the right ammunition choice is necessary for fighting heavily armored targets effectively. This Guide aims to describe the best ammunition types of every caliber present in the Escape From Tarkov.

There a lot of statistics listed down below, so here is a quick roundup of their meaning:. If you have any suggestions, please share them with us in the comment section below. Sign in Sign in with your Odealo account. Remember me. Log in. Create a new account Don't have an account yet?

Registration on Odealo is free and takes only about 30 seconds. Updated all "Effectiveness Against Armor" sections. Updated All "Compatible With" Sections. Reviewed and updated all ammunition descriptions. Updated all ammunition prices and traders. There a lot of statistics listed down below, so here is a quick roundup of their meaning: Damage - The number of Hit Points subtracted from Target's Total HP Pool when a bullet manages to penetrate through Armor.

Penetration - A number used to determine bullet's penetration chances, and damage inflicted on armor when it fails to penetrate. We have assumed that a Bullet is "Effective" against an Armor Class when it pierces said Armor Class with first 6 or less hits.

And some other self-explanatory stuff.Will be adding some new things as well now that this is fiiiinally done.

Created 2, image files so far 1 by 1 lol. Hope it helps you all out and makes for some better raids See you all out there Feel Free To Join Anytime.

Escape From Tarkov Guide Tutorial mods weapons keys guides mod key secret secrets tips help modification updated beta pc game games tarkov mods tarkov guns gun guide mod guide cheat sheet. Escape From Tarkov Mod Guide Iron Sight. Barrel mm st. Barrel 11in A5 5.

Best Ammo in Escape from Tarkov

Barrel 15" RPK 5. Barrel 16" P90 5. Barrel 20in A5 5. Barrel mm AR 5. Stock 57 5. Pistol Slide 57 tr. Stock 6P1 Sb. Handguard 6P1 Sb.

escape from tarkov hunter suppressor

Sb 7. Stock 6P26 Izhmash 5. Handguard 6P26 Sb.

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Dust Cover 6P34 Sb. Stock 6P4 Sb. Barrel Attachment 6P46 Izhmash 7. Barrel Attachment 6P4N Sb. Ammunition 8. Izhmash 7.

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Iron Sight APS std. Ammunition BP 7. Barrel Attachment Dev. Charge Handle FN reg. Iron Sight M14 30 M14 30 Round 7.

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